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Vision and Mission


We envision a leader in unique concepts of “repurposed hotels” designed with environmental considerations that caters to both local and international guests that integrates environmental practices that will influence and positively impact the guests, the host community and our society, improving lives today and the future generations with 22 owned branches all over the Philippines before the end of Year 2022 and adding 3 branches every year thereafter, all following the Principles of Eco-tourism.


To grow the number of branches, unique Eco Hotel concepts and locations in areas of tourism and potential tourism, to increase sales and profitability, to provide environmental preservation awareness to its guests, and education and opportunities to its host communities, including its landowners, and create an awareness of each one’s role to preserve their home, their Environment, their Culture and their sOciety.

As a Green Service Hotel

Our room amenities are scaled to essential comforts while hygiene kits are given upon request to minimize unnecessary consumption of resources. Fresh linens and towels are provided but we greatly encourage guests to reuse them if possible. Every energy saving effort is considered significant. We appreciate switching off of all electrical equipment when not in use, especially aircon, tv and shower heater.

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