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Tree Planting Activity at Villas by Eco Hotel

July 7, 2018
As our corporate responsibility, the Eco Hotel team went to Villas to perform a tree planting activity. We planted 100 different seeds, hopefully, would flourish and eventually help the community. We came united and true to our vision to preserve, conserve and protect our environment. We are earth conscious. We provide green escapes. We travel responsibly.

First Balfour launches zerowaste store with Eco Hotels

First Balfour, in partnership with Eco Hotels Philippines, officially launched its zerowaste store in its corporate office in Parañaque City on November 21.
As a much bigger First Balfour Zero Hero initiative, the zerowaste store aims to push against single-use plastics through the use of refillable containers.
Launched in 2016, First Balfour Zero Hero is an environmental awareness campaign aimed at challenging employees to give back to the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. While its banner project, the #StuffItChallenge, proved to be a huge success, this next step is aimed at reducing the use of plastics instead of repurposing plastic wastes into ecobricks.
The zero-waste store was opened to encourage employees and their families and friends to avoid using sachets and singleuse plastics, which normally end up in oceans and landfills as plastic wastes.
The zero-waste store at the First Balfour office aims to help employees lessen the use of plastic
A much better alternative would be having refillable containers, such as those sold at the zero-waste store, for organic bathroom essentials including shampoos, conditioners, bath gels and lotions. Each costs P99 for every 250 ml. bottle.
“We’re so proud that we’re finally here. We are eco warriors at Eco Hotel and you are Zero Heroes [in First Balfour]. So as Eco Warriors and Zero Heroes, we just ‘volted’ in and now we have this very exciting superpower to fight for sustainability and fight against climate change,” said Eco Hotel PR manager Aym Bagatsing.
Known for its environment-friendly hotels, Eco Hotel Philippines launched the country’s first zero-waste store at Spaces in Legazpi Village, Makati. First Balfour is Eco Hotel’s first zero-waste store partner. (Story/Photos by: Dolly Pasia-Ramos)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Green is the new black—it’s the color of the 21st century. Everywhere we turn, businesses are espousing their green values and corporate social responsibility. But what does that really mean?

A successful business must also have a conscience; it has to care about its effect on their surroundings and overall carbon footprint. It has to be inclusive of the nearby communities and support local industries. Some large companies donate to charities of their choice, but we here at Eco Hotel take on a more hands-on approach.

Every part of our hotels has been thought out and meticulously planned. Each detail: from the recycled light fixtures, cork keys, refurbished wood, and even down to our hotel slippers. Gulod Cabuyao Laguna Foundation, in operation since December 2012, supplies us with bedroom slippers that are made from water lilies.

Thick growth of water lilies interferes with oxygen exchange and traps heat in the water. The foundation addresses this by gathering fisher folks to collect the water lilies and pays them a sum for the collection. They train and employ out of school youth and persons with disability on the production of their items.They provide green jobs and education for locals.

We are doing business with them because we share the same green values. True CSR must enrich its community and lessen the impact on our environment. It is a mindset that compels us to make the right business choices, and seek out those who believe the same.

If you are a small business owner looking to go green or just an avid environmentalist that wants to help, here is a step in the right direction! Gulod Cabuyao Foundation has an entire product list (key chains, wine bags, wine racks, etc.) made from water lilies. We are their first hotel clients, but they do retail sales through local bazaars. To inquire, please call (0920) 5245928 and look for Rowena Jordas.

Project Loco

Eco Hotels aims to provide an entirely green experience for our guests, from the façade of the hotel to its bedroom slippers. All around guests see elements of our local culture peppered across the properties. Eco Hotel Alona Bohol is rooted around a large acacia tree, which provides nice foliage and ambiance at night. The rooms at El Nido, Palawan are adorned with Palawan handicrafts that showcase our local artists.

Even the cup of coffee served at Eco Hotels is proudly local. Project Loco (LOcal COffee) began as a thesis by a student from the College of Benilde. Her idea was to find the coffee producers and farmers in the provinces, and ensure a market here in Manila. Their motto is “For local farmers, coffee is more than just a lifestyle. It’s a livelihood.”

For those of us that find ourselves in the daily city grind, coffee is a non-negotiable. Essential. In every coffee experience, it should speak of its origin and the farmers that carefully cared for hand picked the beans.

Project Loco is dedicated to sustaining the local coffee industry and the people whom the industry supports. Buying commercial coffee, while convenient yet pricey, completely cuts out opportunities for our farmers. Instant coffee is no better, because they buy in bulk and discourage our farmers from producing unique beans. Making the simple shift to buying local coffee products direct from the source will save you money and support countless communities. Our coffee is something to be truly proud of! Our beans are one of the strongest and boldest roasts in Asia!

As a Green Service Hotel

Our room amenities are scaled to essential comforts while hygiene kits are given upon request to minimize unnecessary consumption of resources. Fresh linens and towels are provided but we greatly encourage guests to reuse them if possible. Every energy saving effort is considered significant. We appreciate switching off of all electrical equipment when not in use, especially aircon, tv and shower heater.

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